At the MAC our goal is to help you learn to express yourself freely through art.  We believe the art of creating is more important than the end product itself.

Creating art helps us achieve a deeper understanding and awareness of the world around us.

With that in mind, the MAC’s School for the Creative Arts programs encourage everyone to explore art as a means of expression, regardless of their experience and skill level.

School for the Creative Arts Faculty

Margery Blom, Faculty Director

Margery Blom  BFA is an oil paint artist specializing in scenes from Vancouver Island. Margery displays in galleries all over the Island, is an active member of FCA, and has a BEd degree.  You can find Margery as Resident Artist at the McMillan Arts Centre.

Margery has been instrumental in sourcing instructors for the MAC’s School for the Creative Arts programs and is also a member of the MAC’s Gallery Committee.

Margery’s website

Rhonda Roy, Faculty Administrator

Rhonda Roy is a Zentangle artist and Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). She has a BEd. Degree, has taught in public schools and privately, and as a School Trustee, was part of developing educational policy at the school district level.  Rhonda is also a Resident Artist at the McMillan Arts Centre.

Rhonda believes we are all born with a need and an ability to create, and that it’s important to awaken that creative side in us all.

Rhonda’s website

School for the Creative Arts Programs

Art Bites Program

Coordinators: Margery Blom & Rhonda Roy

A variety of 2-hour introductory classes, with materials included, designed to let individuals try out different mediums to see what they like.

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Creative Kids Program

Instructor: Alex Carr

Our goal is for kids 8-12 to have fun through creative expression while learning some basic art elements, art principles and art history.

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Art Foundations

Coordinators: Margery Blom & Rhonda Roy

For those wanting more formal instruction in art theory, as well as techniques for different mediums. 

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ART Open Studio

Facilitator:  Heidi Abbott

Open studio group art therapy and project demos to enhance a creative practice.

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Digital Literacy:  Apple Technology Workshops

Instructor:  Dan LaRocque

Workshops to help you get the most from your Apple devices, for beginners and beyond. 

Current classes available


Digital Art with  Procreate

Instructor: Brian Middleton

Apple’s Procreate is the go-to app for digital artists and creative professionals everywhere.  Learn how to use Procreate to explore the world of digital art.

Current classes available


Aging Artfully Program

A free art program for seniors in the Oceanside area sponsored by the Oceanside Community Arts Council  (OCAC)

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Students and volunteer in Aging Artfully program

Youth Art Lab

Youth Art Lab is designed to provide secondary students with a special interest in art a chance to study particular subject areas in more depth with MAC Artist Instructors.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the principles of art and how they might apply to their own art practice, including the business of art.


Associate Faculty

Associate Faculty are those instructors who hold regular classes and workshops at the MAC, including our popular Art Bites program.

Heidi Abbott

Multi-Media Artist – ART Open Studio




Marva Blackmore

Storyteller, Editor, Writer – Art Bites, workshops


Margery Blom

Water Mixable Oils Artist – Art Bites, Art Foundations, and Workshops


Alex Carr

Visual Artist

Creative Kids




Margie Davidson

Textile Artist – Art Bites, Art Foundations, and Workshops


artist Margie Davidson

Brooke Emily

Multi-Media Artist – Youth Art Lab, Digital Art and Art Bites


Carla Flegel

Watercolour Artist – Art Bites and Workshops


watercololur image of teacups - Art Bites class with Carla Flegel

Linda Greig

Mixed Media Artist – Art Bites


Debra Hagen

Mosaic Artist – Art Bites and Workshops


mosaic for Fresh Start entry

Debra Kuzbik

Flash Fiction Writer, Photographer – Art Bites

Dan LaRocque

Apple Technology Instructor


Merrilyn Laursen

Multi-Media Artist – Art Bites


Judi Malcolm

Mandala Artist – Art Bites

Brian Middleton

Digital and Multi-Media Artist – Digital Media Programs, Youth Art Lab



Brian Middleton head shot

Brenda Milne

Multi-Media Sculptor, Painter  – Art Bites and workshops



Dianne Nelson

Silk Painting Artist – Art Foundations

Facebook / Website


Deborah Nicol

Abstract Acrylics Artist – Art Bites


Abstract painting by Deborah Nicol

Lynn Orriss

Multi-Media Artist – Art Bites

Carol Ann Owers

Multi-Media Artist – Art Bites , Art Foundations and Workshops


Carol Ann Ower

Rhonda Roy

Zentangle Artist – Art Bites, Art Foundations, and Workshops


Susan Schaefer

Acrylic Artist – Art Foundations and Workshops


Catherine Trembath

Multi-Media Artist, Art Bites and Art Foundations


Mary  Unger

Acrylic Artist, Art Bites

Lucy Wallace

Pastel Artist – Art Bites , Art Foundations and Workshops


Gordon Wilson

Multi-Media Artist – Art Bites and Art Foundations