What is Art Bites?

The philosophy for the MAC’s School for the Creative Arts has always been centred on encouraging people to explore their creative side.

We’re delighted about all the workshops and classes we have at the MAC, and how Aging Artfully is reaching seniors in our community, and we’ve been happy to see kids in our summer programs.  But something was missing.

When talking to visitors to the MAC, many people indicated an interest in learning or trying out an art form, but there are barriers; classes are too long, too expensive, or require a long supply list of materials.  “What if I were to try something and decide I didn’t like it?  What if I was no good at it?”

So we set out to create a program series that would address these issues and bring back the fun in getting messy and making art.

  • It would be fun and welcoming
  • It would be brief
  • It would be reasonable in price
  • It would include all materials for the class
  • It would be taught by instructors who love to share their enthusiasm

Art Bites is all about low-risk experimenting.  Try something out – see if you like the materials and the medium.   Then keep going, or try something new.

We started in the Fall of 2018 with eight classes: Acrylics, Mark Making, Oils, Origami, Pastels, Watercolour Pencils, Watercolours and Zentangle.  The classes grew and grew, often selling out in the first week, and by the fall of 2020, we added morning sessions to accommodate everyone.  We were onto a great idea!

Art Bites has grown into an ongoing series of classes running Sundays each spring and fall, with one session 10-12 and a second session 1-3 pm.  And we’ve expanded to include Creative Kids, Youth Art Lab, and Monday Art Gems programs to include options for emerging and growing artists of all ages.

We are so appreciative of the wonderful instructors who have come along on this ride with us, some who enjoy one or two classes here and there, and others who are with us on a regular basis.  These artists are enthusiastic, welcoming, and encourage all their students to ‘just have fun!’ with their art.  Thank you to all of them, and to our Art Bites participants who have taken the plunge with us!

Margery Blom and Rhonda Roy
School for the Creative Arts Faculty