Art Foundations

When you want more than just a bite…

Following the success of the MAC’s Art Bites program, our Art Foundations Program is designed for people who want more formal education in the basics of visual art theory, as well as techniques for different mediums. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the principles of art including colour theory, composition, and perspective, and how they might apply to their own art practice.

As of Spring 2023 there will be eight standard classes offered twice a year (fall and spring).  These classes are: Dry  Media Drawing, Wet Media Drawing, Colour Theory, Life Drawing, Acrylics, Oils, Watercolours, and Pastels. Additional classes will vary from season to season to allow for a variety of selection.

Subsequent workshops  are built on these three classes and students can focus on a medium or method. Classes may include painting, textile art, drawing and more.

2023 Art Foundations classes will be held from 10-2pm – cost $100; all materials are included.


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