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Book Launch – ‘The Very Last Monster Book’

The monsters all used to frolic and play. Now there aren’t many left, I’m sorry to say. But if you look closely, if you search night and day The very last monsters are still tucked away…. “Imagine Dr. Seuss meets Where the Wild Things Are with a sprinkle of Where’s...

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Who’s Driving Your Bus?

Are you really in charge of your life, or are there people in your life who are overtaking the wheel? Maybe family members are pressing the accelerator - your partner/spouse pushing the break - society twisting the wheel - and now your life is stalled in the middle of...

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Mid-Island Radio Association

Mid-Island Radio Association is a group of approximately 50 amateur radio enthusiasts (male and female) of all ages who meet monthly to promote and enjoy the hobby and science of amateur radio.  Find us online - "Mid-Island Radio Association" for more complete...

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DeCosmos Tuesday Painters Group

Tuesday Painters is a group of DeCosmos Fine Arts Society members who enjoy doing art with others. The group is inclusive, welcoming members at all levels of artistic ability. Participants benefit from the camaraderie, gentle critiques and exchange of ideas between...

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Sound Connection Choir

Sound Connection Choir is perfect for women and men who love singing; no experience is necessary. Sing both contemporary and international music in two or three part harmony.  Vocalists will receive instruction and guidance on vocal technique, harmony and...

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