FIGURE OF SPEECH:  A Reflection of Relationships and Emotion


February 6 – March 3, 2024


OPENING RECEPTION:  Saturday, February 10th, 1-3pm

Artist Statement 

In my art practice pushing the boundaries, playing, experimentation, and taking risks are important aspects. I work intuitively with most of my imagery coming from my imagination. I am a process painter which means I am not concerned about the results but rather engage with the journey. Often metaphors and messages appear in my work.  I rarely start with an idea in mind. My painting is emotion driven by the colours and marks of the understory. My paintings start with a messy background created while cleaning my brush and palette, I intuitively develop the painting from there. I use many unorthodox tools to create my paintings – key cards, skewers, forks, insulation pipe, and corks to name a few.  My goal is to stay unrestrained, free and loose in my work. I love spontaneity and happy accidents! I have been called a “Rebel with a Paint Brush”