Art Movements in the 21st Century

A Video Exhibit, by Andrew Collins

November 28 – January 28, 2024


Artist’s Statement: Art Movements in the 20th Century

Andrew searches for opportunities to approach artistic expression from different perspectives that are complementary to the environment we find ourselves in. These focus on how we live and how to best enhance our surroundings. Andrew uses a collage technique in his videos that was first explored by Picasso and Brecht in the early 20th century and reflects the technology that was not available until recently.In this work, a collection of five videos focusing on the modern art in the 20th century, Andrew explores the evolution of the modern art movement throughout that period – no small task. The examples in this series are in no way intended to be exhaustive – far from it. Having whetted the viewer’s appetite, Andrew’s intention is to invite further investigation. He hopes that, after watching and listening, the viewer will be inspired to explore the vast scope of artistic expression further, using the tools that are available to us in the unique age of technology that we are fortunate to live in, even when times seem uncertain.