‘Dynamic Brushwork” – 2-Day Workshop with Dominik Modlinski

March 12 & 19, 2022

10 am – 4 pm

Cost: $350

Register online here

Create your own studio painting and take your work to the next level under the guidance of contemporary Canadian Artist and mentor Dominik Modlinski in this 2-day painting workshop. The workshop is intended to hone students’ painting skills and expand their creative language. Emphasis will be on risk-taking, abstract design, and mark-making – all three necessary components to take one’s work to the next level and create your unique creative signature.

  • Unlock true creative potential.
  • Open up the possibility for purer, honest, and unique brushwork
  • Establish a narrative symbolism in a painting.

Expert instruction from Dominik will encourage you to explore new possibilities and work more intuitively, allowing unplanned marks and passages to become artistic breakthroughs.

The subject matter for this workshop will be landscape reference material provided by Dominik and based on one of his wilderness painting journeys.

The dynamic power of composition and color will be the beginning of this adventure. Working from provided photos, we will create a few drawing thumbnail sketches focusing on key areas including light and dark values, edges and lines as a warm-up to composing a dynamic composition.

Moving on to decide which “thumbnail” to use will be a start of the concept development, then progressing on, to compose the subject in a larger drawing, working out further ideas and individual details.  Once the familiarity with the subject matter will be achieved, we will begin painting on large canvas or panel. Composition, drawing, value, colour theory, and contour treatment will be constantly emphasized as we are progressing into the drawing and painting.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity as Dominik takes you along of the beaten path to paint true Canadian wilderness!

 Wait list will be taken when class fills.  Contact the MAC Office for more information.

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*Please note:

The MAC has robust COVID-19 protocols to provide a safe and healthy art experience for all visitors to the Arts Centre.  Proof of vaccination will be required.  All students and visitors are required to bring and wear a facemask while they are in the Studio, Gift Shop and Galleries, to practice social distancing, and to make use of the hand disinfectant provided.