– Susan Schaefer –   

A professional artist for the past 17 years, Susan Schaefer’s style is recognized as bright, bold and fun. She has organized and attended workshops by some of Canada’s best artists. Susan is happy to share her knowledge, tricks, tips and passion for acrylic painting.

Susan will be at the MAC every second Tuesday starting Feb 18, 2020.

 – Mary Unger –   

“We live on an incredibly beautiful planet. The beauty surrounding me is my muse. Our trees, flowers, rivers, oceans and mountains inspire me.”

Mary Unger was raised on the east coast of Canada and moved to BC in 1970 after six years in Montreal. She studied fine arts at Mount Allison University and took classes and workshops in Montreal, Calgary and here on Vancouver Island.

“Travel to Mexico, Hawaii, Hong Kong,  South Africa, and Europe has been a feast to the eyes and soul.”

Mary will be at the MAC Tuesday afternoons

 – William Allen –   

 William Allen holds a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with Photography as his fine arts concentration. He has traveled extensively in Canada, and always has a camera with him.

“I want to communicate my emotional response to those who see my photos. To do that I feel that the photo must speak for itself, it must capture some essence of how I see the subject, and not be manipulated artificially to create or enhance that response.  I try to see and capture the moment and the emotion.”

William Allen will be at the  MAC every second Tuesday afternoon starting September 10th.

 – Ina-Griet Raatz-von Hirschhausen –   

Ina’s goal is to add smiles and beauty to the world with her art. She is convinced that creativity feeds the soul, thus being essential for mental wellbeing. With the approach “Do what you can with what you have “(Theodore Roosevelt), “Onward ever- backward never”(Eisabeth Gilbert) and “Give me color” (Ina) she paints, makes puppets and marionettes, creates medieval style scrolls, makes “stuff” and writes poetry. Her preferred media is paint, paper, fabric and wood … often happily used together.

Ina will be at the  MAC every second Tuesday afternoons starting October 1, 2019.