Thursday Artists in Residence

 – Margery Blom –    

An oil paint artist, Margery Blom BFA specializes in scenes from Vancouver Island. Margery displays in galleries all over the Island and is an active member of FCA.  You can find Margery as Resident Artist at the McMillan Arts Centre on Thursdays and at TOSH on Tuesdays.

 – Janet Cameron –   

Janet Cameron was born in Peru and moved to Canada in 1988, living in Montreal, Calgary and now in Parksville.  Janet comes from an arts background and after retiring in 2017, she has had a chance to pursue this passion, studying with Joan Larson and networking with other pastel artists.  Janet is fascinated pastels and loves the free-spirited way to paint with pastels and use her fingers when working on an art piece.

 – Gillian Walker –   

Gillian Walker is a retired teacher from Ontario who has been painting since the age of 12. During her teaching career her painting was put on hold for 35 years, but revived once she retired.

Since moving to Vancouver Island , she has worked and volunteered and the North Island Wildlife Recovery, enjoying close encounters with the birds and animals there, and resumed her interest in painting them, using mostly acrylics.

The beauty and majesty of the Island and its forests and coastlines has also revived an interest in painting scenes from Nature.

 – Rhonda Roy –   

Rhonda Roy is a Zentangle artist and Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in Parksville, BC.  Rhonda discovered Zentangle in 2015, became a CZT in April 2016 and has been teaching Zentangle classes and creating Zentangle Inspired Art since then.  Rhonda believes we are all born with a need and an ability to create, and that Zentangle is a great way to awaken that creative side in us all.