Thursday Artists in Residence

 – Margery Blom –    

An oil paint artist, Margery Blom BFA specializes in scenes from Vancouver Island. Margery displays in galleries all over the Island and is an active member of FCA.  

Margery is also a member of the MAC’s Gallery Committee, and Faculty Director for the MAC’s School for the Creative Arts.

 – Gillian Walker –   

Gillian Walker is a retired teacher from Ontario who has been painting since the age of 12. During her teaching career her painting was put on hold for 35 years, but revived once she retired.

Since moving to Vancouver Island , she has worked and volunteered and the North Island Wildlife Recovery, enjoying close encounters with the birds and animals there, and resumed her interest in painting them, using mostly acrylics.

The beauty and majesty of the Island and its forests and coastlines has also revived an interest in painting scenes from Nature.