The Art of the Horse: a 2-day Art Gems Workshop with Joan Larson

A step-by-step process from the initial drawing to creating a pastel painting of the horse.  

NOTE:  This is a 2-day class running consecutive Mondays

May 6 and 13, 2024 from 10am – 2pm

$200 for this 2-day workshop:  All materials included

Register online here 

Part 1 (May 6)“Getting It Right at the Beginning”

We will focus on learning the techniques to create an accurate drawing of the horse.   This does not require a detailed knowledge of anatomy; instead I will show you basic techniques that you can apply to any animal that will ensure an accurate drawing.

Models will be supplied (sorry, just an inanimate model and not a real live horse!).  You will be able to take the model home over the course of the week to do more drawings.

 Part 2 (May 13):  “Painting the Horse” 

Using the drawing you have created (either at the previous workshop or at home) we will jump into the pastel techniques you will need in order to create your painting.

Other topics we will cover include:

  •  How and where to start
  •  Life-like eyes
  •  How to render short and long hair so it looks realistic
  •  How to use your darks
  •  Painting towards the light
  •  Layering your colours to develop depth­
  •  “1-2-3” aka “light-middle-dark”
  •  All-black and all-white horses
  •  Finishing touches and when to stop

Each participant will learn and experience a variety of resist techniques, create one-of-a-kind works of art, and participate in both independent and group interaction and learning during the workshop.

About the Instructor:  Joan is a professional artist that has worked predominately in soft pastels. In recent years her works have included a series of pastel paintings of “The Musical Ride” and “The Wild Horses of Sable Island.”  After a lifetime working with soft pastels, Joan still sees the potential for unlimited expression when working in this exquisite medium.