May 3-29, 2022

ARTIST TALKS:  May 6th (1-3pm) and May 20th (11am to 1pm)

Debra has a Masters Degree in Education and worked most of her life in public and post-secondary education. For much of that time she was experimenting with a variety of art forms and had the good fortune to study with many accomplished artists. Her focus has been on mosaics for almost two decades and during that time she has completed a Masters in Mosaic class at Orsonis Glass Factory in Venice, Italy, as well as several other classes with internationally respected mosaic artists.

 With her art she tries to create mosaics that are not only beautiful, but that lead viewers to examine the piece closely. She loves the challenge of combining a wide variety of tesserae in such a way that when viewers look closely they will be delighted and surprised by what they find. The tesserae used can include dishware, glass tiles, smalti, jewelry bits, pebbles, shells, found objects, mirror and more.

 As a mosaic artist, Debra is very interested in increasing both the audience for and the knowledge of contemporary mosaic art. Mosaics have found their place on the stage of contemporary art in many parts of the world. However, despite the growing popularity of  mosaic fine art in France, England, the United States and many parts of Europe, it is still relatively unknown in Canada. She’d like to see that change. As with any art form, mosaic art has it’s own language and definitions. While the artists who create mosaic art are comfortable with this language, it is still foreign to most outside the mosaic community. With this exhibition, Debra would like to educate, inform and excite the viewers about the art form she is so passionate about.

 Website: goldbugmosaics.com

Instagram: @goldbugmosaics