New Works – Re Works – Regroup – Reboot

June 1 – 27, 2021


Canadian artist Susan Schaefer was scheduled to have an exhibition at the McMillan Arts Centre in March 2020. Two weeks into the show, the gallery like most everything else, went into lock-down due to the pandemic. Her paintings stayed in the gallery, in hopes of re-opening soon. As the weeks went by, it became apparent that this virus was not leaving and the paintings were returned to Schaefer’s studio.

A year later the MAC has given Ms. Schaefer a re-boot by offering her an exhibition at the gallery from June 1 to 27th, 2021. Schaefer is pleased to present “New Works – Re Works – Regroup – Reboot”.

Susan says “Preparing for any exhibition takes a lot of time and work. It was disheartening to go into lock down after only two weeks into my exhibition of March, 2020. During the pandemic, patrons often say, “Oh I bet you are painting up a storm.” This pandemic has given me time to reflect on my career. Instead of ‘painting up a storm’, I have slowed down a bit, taking the time to be adventurous and try some new techniques, while spending more time on each painting. I am enjoying the journey, as well as the destination.

Since moving to Vancouver Island Susan has made quite an impression on the art scene. She is the founder and publisher of the Island Arts Magazine. Growing into an artistic staple, the magazine is now into it’s 14th year. Due to the pandemic the magazine has gone digital. It was a challenge and a learning curve to go digital, but Schaefer says that they can now reach a more global audience; great for the magazine and every artist that they represent.

Susan Schaefer is a professional artist working mainly in acrylic paints. Susan enjoys teaching and sharing her passion for art.

Susan invites you to view her show at the MAC. If you would like a personal appointment with the artist, Susan will gladly meet you at the gallery, as she only lives a few minutes away.

### Susan Schaefer 250-586-5510 , email [email protected]