A Sense of Place


September 5 – October 1 2023

OPENING RECEPTION Saturday, September 9th, 1-3pm





Ronei was raised on the edge of the wilderness. She has lived her entire life on Vancouver Island, bathed in the light and water of the Pacific landscape. Her family home sat on a farm by a lake near the ocean. In this quiet habitat, she explored forest trails, paddled canoes, and collected sand dollars. The natural world permeated her DNA. Much of her painting inspiration evolves around our personal and emotional attachment to place – our memories and feelings that animate specific landscapes. Her paintings are coloured with perspective, gratitude and a sense of purpose.

Primarily self-taught, Ronei began her creative outlet with pencil and watercolour portraits, transitioning to acrylic landscapes in 2018 after a profound life event. Caregiving for her elderly parents who lived with dementia, her inspiration was drawn to preserving and cherishing memories shared with her parents in their last years.

Ronei’s Collectors are moved by her ability to infuse personal meaning into her paintings along with the duality of the rugged west coast. Both the calm and the drama of Vancouver Island’s climate and terrain will move through you when you immerse yourself in her body of work.

Her art resides in personal and corporate Collections across Canada, The United States, Australia, China and Europe