Paul Stuart

Get A New Look for Your Living Space

Paul Stuart

June 1 – 27, 2021

Fill that wall with colour : be bold

Artist Statement:

Simply, bold and colourful and easy to understand is what I strive for – paint on canvas that is arranged in a manner that is pleasing to the eye.


It was 2005, Paul Stuart and his wife left the rat-race of the Ontario suburban lifestyle and landed in Parksville. While Paul has always focused his creative energy into music, he has maintained an interest in Abstract Art – at age 20, he “commissioned” two works from his artist and OCA graduate best-friend.

Fast forward to today and it is now Paul who is doing the painting.

In Autumn 2012, Paul had a happenstance that led him to fill a subtle and nagging desire to express himself visually. Paul knows that signposts in life do happen. “We all experience them. Some ignore them. Some run with them.”

With the ebb and flow of life, his next journey began … each painting being an exercise of self-instruction, experimentation and problem solving which carries through to the final destination … which itself is a moving target …

Visually, Paul can say with confidence that the nuance of Minimalism and the boldness of Expressionism define his interest.