Judy Button


May 28 – June 23, 2024

Opening Reception Saturday, June 1st, 1-3pm



I was born in 1947, Montreal, Quebec. Thirteen years ago, I moved to Qualicum Beach with my husband and daughter. I love living on the Island and will spend the rest of my days here.


In my youth, my focuses were competitive skiing and sailing. My parents were art lovers and dabbled in charcoal sketching and painting. It took a long time for their interests in art to influence me. I was timid and couldn’t draw a straight line. It wasn’t until I was in my 50’s (early 2000’s) that I took up art. My first class was sketching. I remember my teacher standing behind me and pushing her hands gently on my shoulders because I was so tense. I’ll always remember her comments: “It’s just paper and pencil.”


This first teacher gave me the courage to continue. From there I took painting classes in acrylic and oil and was lucky to have such wonderful teachers in both. During one of my first classes in oil painting, my teacher approached my workstation. Even before he had a chance to say anything, I exclaimed that my painting was awful. He took a few steps back from my easel, crossed his arms, studied it, then asked, “What’s so awful about it?” I had no answer, so he covered up all but the upper portion and asked, “Do you see anything wrong?” I replied, “no,” feeling stupid at this point. He uncovered portion by portion until I said, “That’s it!” Just a small thing that brought one’s eyes to it, taking your attention away from the painting itself.


I have done pieces in conte, along with acrylic paintings. Now my medium is mainly oil. I have painted many subjects, including street scenes, wildlife (particularly herons and eagles), harbour scenes, portraits, and, my favourite, sailing. Up to a few years ago I did a lot of competitive sailing with my husband. I remember the action—big, rolling seas that added some thrills to our experiences. I focus on bringing these sensations into my paintings.


When someone tells me, “I couldn’t do what you do,” I reply, “Of course you can. I still cannot draw a straight line.”


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