Friday Artists in Residence

Kelly Corbett

Nanoose Bay artist Kelly Corbett presents her expression of majestic British Columbia. Holding diplomas in both Fine Art (UFV) and Photography Academy, Kelly combines academic training with her natural talent, painting with acrylics. Kelly’s style invites you to take a step outside; a trip through the forest; or an outing by kayak to commune with the natural world.

Brenda Castonguay

Brenda paints exclusively on her own award-winning photographs mounted on aluminum substrates. Working with a camera and her preferred textured acrylic gel mediums, she strives to capture and then detail landscapes of the Pacific Rim, the Canadian Rockies and the American desert.

Her style is unique, by combining a dynamic photographic eye for extreme detail with painting a rich sculptured textured finish to the touch. Art you are encouraged to touch!


Francine Champagne


Francine has explored and challenged my interest and skill in both two and three-dimensional art from the start of my creative life; never settling for one over the other.

Currently, her work overlaps media and dives into tessellations with renewed passion and novel tablet tools. Having previously kept the two disciplines separate, now the competing artistic media of 2D and 3D are merging in her work as a complete collaboration of dimensions of carved tessellations.

Francine will be at the MAC Friday mornings.