October 16 – December 1, 2018 Exhibits


Brian’s passion for painting began in 1972 during a year in Provence as a foreign student in university.  “For four decades I have been looking, seeing, creating and then sharing my work with others.  The iPad Painting is the latest application of Studio Skills I have been practising and using for the past forty years.”  “Virtual Impressionism” is the term Brian uses to describe his medium, focusing on the changing effects of light and colour but using the illuminated screen as canvas and virtual tools as brushes and paints.  The works digitally reproduced on paper and with fused plexiglass which mimics an electronic display.



Oct Exhibits-2Diane began her art career painting portraits, figures and landscapes in oil, pastel and watercolour. During the early 1990’s her work evolved to abstract and non-objective.  Her preferred medium now is acrylic and mixed media.  She works intuitively; her work represents thoughts and feelings that she has about the mystery of life.  She is inspired by the human spirit and motivated to paint that which can’t be physically measured but definitely sensed.  Diane’s work has been included in various juried exhibitions in several countries including Canada, US, Holland, Denmark and Malta.



Peter spent his childhood in the Australian outback where he discovered his love for drawing the natural world around him.  After studying architecture and building a business and starting a family, he spent 9 years living aboard a 45-ft sailboat while working in Vancouver, cruising the coastline of the spectacular Pacific Northwest and reconnected with drawing.  Acrylics are Peter’s medium of choice, and he spends time in both his Vancouver and Nanoose Bay Studios.

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