Deborah Philipp


May 3 – 29, 2022

What is a HOME?  A shelter, a country, a feeling of peace deep inside of you?

In the past couple of years with Covid raging and now with the events unfolding in the Ukraine, I have had to rethink what home means for me.  It’s about our basic needs and beyond…a peaceful country, a comfortable home with people around you that you love.

 I’m usually traveling throughout the winter months but Covid kept me at home the first year. I got to see firsthand the beauty of fall in November and did a series of paintings that expressed that feeling of the changing season.

 I began reimagining the landscapes of the island that I have looked at over the years while boating and exploring the west coast. There lies a hypnotic view of water and islands overlapping each other in the constantly changing light. This series began with watercolor studies and ipad sketches and then moved onto canvas.  I felt like it was me paying homage to this incredible place we call HOME.  Never to be taken lightly, always cherished and forever protected.

I’m HOME here…Vancouver Island.