Chris Bullock

closing February 29, 2021



Chris Bullock is an artist residing in Parksville, British Columbia. In 2017, he moved to Vancouver Island, and inspired by the surrounding beauty, began his journey as a full-time artist. Bullock is self-taught and has been drawing his whole life. His work is heavily inspired by traditional, feudal Japanese art and old Germanic etchings by artists such as Albrecht Dürer. This marks Bullock’s first gallery show, but he is easy to find locally at street markets and events. He encourages everyone to stop by and look at his work and art in progress on Saturdays, year-round at the Qualicum Beach Farmer’s Market.


All artwork has its origins in local scenery and experiences and the resulting characters and their stories are first roughly sketched out with a pencil. Sketches are often continuously refined until they accurately represent the important details of the story, at which point, the illustration is redrawn and finely detailed with a calligraphy quill. The focus on black and white stylized line work is reminiscent of old 1950s comic book illustrators. Colouring is completed using a combination of watercolour washes and digital methods being applied to the hand drawn original inkings.