March 5 – 31, 2024

Opening Reception Saturday, March 9, 1-3pm

My theme “AS I SEE IT” is an exploration of the profound inspiration drawn from Vancouver Island’s landscapes. As I view landscapes, seascapes, urban settings, woodlands, plants, and animals in a state of curiosity, the interactions make me aware of the delicately balanced relationship between each specific location. Each piece in this series—whether a sketch, a painting, or a collage—is connected by a common theme and represents what I’ve been observing while I walk around nature.

What distinguishes my artistic practice apart is the tactile journey I take with each piece. By including natural elements into my acrylic paintings such as sand, branches, bark, and shells further enhanced by fiber paste, fine pumice, or photograph transfers, I feel as though I am bringing nature itself into the paintings. I encourage the audience to examine the textures in these pieces of art up close up imaging themselves to be in that space. I choose a more simplified colour scheme to create a stronger effect. Drawings are added to my collaged pieces to produce a contrasted aspect.

My artistic journey started early in life in Alberta, I found expression through constant drawing, nurtured by the encouragement of art teachers. Drawing was how I constantly expressed myself. Formal education consisted of the Red Deer College Art & Design program, a Visual Communication major at the Alberta College of Art, and a variety of other courses and workshops., 

After graduation I worked a graphic designer and illustrator in Vancouver and Hong Kong. The world of graphics became my canvas, and also found myself immersed in both group and solo exhibitions, exploring the dynamic interplay of visuals and communication. 

Teaching children also became a captivating and fulfilling chapter in my career. The boundless imagination of young minds, coupled with their unbridled enthusiasm, fueled my own creative spirit. Witnessing the spark of discovery in their eyes became a source of endless inspiration. During this time, I also lead and facilitated many artist-in-residence programs through the Artstarts organization. 

Currently I reside in Parksville where the Vancouver Island landscapes invite me to capture the essence of its beauty in my artworks. Each day is a sensory adventure—translating the rustle of leaves, the dance of colors, beaches, ocean views, forests and the ever-present textures of the natural world onto my canvas. The culmination of each artwork leaves me feeling refreshed and excited to create more artworks of nature, in all its magnificence, with its infinite palette of sights, sounds, colors, and textures.