August 2 – 28, 2022

Ludek’s goal is to create watercolours with imagery that exudes mood and atmosphere. He strives to capture the play of light, whether it is on still life, portraiture, landscapes, marine and city scenes. His style is loose and representational.  Drawing is important to Ludek as he believes beneath each successful painting there must be a well rendered drawing with a strong composition. He tries to capture the essence of his subjects with the fewest possible visual elements.

He is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (Nanaimo, and Vancouver chapters); Plein Air Nanaimo group, and Artward Bound art group.

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I founded our wee group of keen painters when we moved to Parksville from Victoria in 2014. Since then it has ebbed and flowed. As luck would have it, everyone has been passionate about painting and sharing their skills and enthusiasm with the others, bar none. For that I am eternally grateful, and frankly, just a bit giddy!

Painting “en plein air” is such a wonderful way to enjoy nature and eventually “bring it home” on my paper. The group visits all kinds of nooks and crannies along the seashore, goes inland and into private yards and farms in all kinds of weather. We may visit the same place a year down the road and always manage to see a different view. It’s a great way to explore our amenities on Vancouver Island.

The work is done in a two and a half hour time frame with some minor tweaking done in the home studio. All of these works were done that way.  Putting the work out there for your scrutiny validates our ventures. We want to share the sights, our interpretations, with you.  Art has dominated my life. I have tried many ways of making things starting with art classes in elementary school! Though I love many other mediums, watercolour seems to be my all-time preferred medium. It is non-toxic, portable and it presents a challenge. I’m up for it! Add to that portraiture, sculpture, ink & stick painting, collage, calligraphy, sketching, and many more. Trying something new is half the fun!  We all have inner talents that need to be showcased. I am thrilled to be part of this group and this show. I hope you enjoy it. You may just connect with a piece that speaks to you and becomes yours! Enjoy!

[email protected]  P 250-586-9690


Dianne Rose Hay was born in Toronto Ontario. As a child drawing was a big part of her life. In Secondary School she switched to a program that featured many aspects of art. After immigrating to Vancouver Island, Camosun College provided a diploma in Fine Art.

“Painting Plein Air with the artist of Artward Bound keeps me trying to express the joy, peace and magic of our island.”


Margaret Shorter has been painting with the Artward Bound group since 2019. After the initial COVID lockdown, the group was thrilled to meet outdoors again. Since she moved to Parksville from Port Coquitlam 7 years ago, she has also painted portraits with the Cathouse Studio group and life drawing at the McMillan Arts Centre and The Old School House Arts Centre.

Painting on masonite board has been a learning experience, both in reflecting a style that captures a moment in time and how transparent and metallic colours work together.
She went to Art school after high school to study Illustration at Sheridan College, in Oakville Ontario and moved to BC soon after graduation. She was part of an active art scene in Victoria with Alley Art, where she painted murals. She also created line portrait sketches on the streets of Victoria.

Having worked as a graphic artist, a photographer, as well as raise a family, Margaret is grateful to be semi-retired so she can paint the great outdoors of beautiful Vancouver Island.


Pat Palmer grew up in Calgary, Canada, and has since 1969 lived in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the USA , and the UK. In late 2011, she returned to Canada and now resides in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia.
Taking the opportunities presented along the route of her travels, Pat has participated in various fine art classes including degree courses at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada, and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore.

Her work has been shown in numerous group exhibitions. Notable amongst these were the 1999 Art of the Northeast Exhibition, and the Spectrum 2000 Juried Exhibition (both in CT, USA).
Pat is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (Arrowsmith & Nanaimo Chapters). She is also a member of the Art 10 Gallery in Nanaimo. She has recently become a regular participant with a group of plein air painters called Artward Bound.


A full-time professional painter, Janice began her formal studies at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, School of Art & Design and continued with fine arts studies at many other places in her travels, as well as completing a Bachelor of Science.

She works mainly in water-based media and as an ‘en plein air’ painter, greatly enjoys the interaction with the public wherever she is painting. Janice’s recent series of paintings interpret her strong appreciation of the Pacific Northwest environment and character and in particular old growth forests.

Her latest work focuses on the simplification of the colour, line and shape to connect visual power and sensuality of landscape with the individual.



Jessy Watson truly enjoys adventuring.  “I have been painting hiking and swimming consistently translating deeper, the peaceful presence of these treasured areas.

I graduated the Art Institute with a 3D Character Animation Diploma. After successfully working as a professional animator, I began to seek traditional medium. Realizing I had only begun my art journey, I now study the trees, rocks, moss, mountains, and ocean, finding the foundation of my inspiration.   Each experience more memorable than the last, I explore vivid colours, high contrast, and a detailed approach to refining each work. En Plein Air, paper flapping, hands throbbing, I scrub acrylic across thick watercolour paper to capture my compositional light map, eventually taking a picture of my subject and refining the painting at home. After one to two weeks of working I take a picture of the original, next colour grading a giclee on canvas, I then paint on top of the print.

Recently, I crush beach fired timber into a shell and paint with a feather onto a brown paper bag, leaving it to degrade or be found. If you find a feather tied to a stick nearby a painting … it is for you.”



Brenda Spence is a watercolour, ink and graphite artist who lives in Parksville in Vancouver Island. She grew up exploring tidepools and the coastal forests, and values most the preservation, abundance and balance of the natural world. Brenda loves the explore the creative process and appreciates the ability of art to open one’s mind to the beauty of the details, light and colour in each moment.

Brenda Spence   [email protected]    250 927-0999


Since 1973 Peggy has experienced training in commercial design, illustration and painting through the Federation of Canadian Artists workshops and International Watercolour Society events such as the infamous Fabriano in Aquarello, Italy. She has attended and instructed workshops in Fabriano Italy, Croatia, Japan and beyond. She is a member and instructor with the VAWAA (Vacation With An Artist) international organization.

Recent HIghlights:
2022: Selected Member International Watercolour Society Museum – Canada Representative
2020: Honorary Signature Member International Plein Air Painters
2020: VAWAA International Vacation With An Artist Instructor
2021: Federation of Canadian Artists Arrowsmith Chapter Third Place and Honorable Mention Awards
2019: Solo Exhibition – Gallery ExaART – Osaka Japan
2019: First Place Award Federation of Canadian Artists Spring 2019 Exhibition (Arrowsmith)
2018: Federation of Canadian Artists Success Exhibition
2018: Federation of Canadian Artists Awarded AFCA Signature Status

Signature Member of The Federation of Canadian Artists Honorary Signature Member of International Plein Air Painters International Watercolour Society Canada Regional Director

Artists Statement:

Light has such an elusive and fleeting quality, transforming landscapes, buildings and figures in a moment. On location painting puts me in touch with experiencing life and being inspired by light. I enjoy the challenge of capturing it while painting en plein air or

reliving it later in my studio.