Art Bites: March 2024 Classes

$40/Class – supplies included

AM classes:  10am – 12 pm
PM classes:  1-3 pm

Register online or at the MAC Office

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About Art Bites:

Art Bites is a fun way to try out all different kinds of art mediums without investing a lot of time and money.  Our instructors are welcoming and encourage everyone to ‘just have’ fun creating art.  Try something you’ve always wondered about, or take a class with a friend or family member just for fun!  Our classes run from Sept-Dec in the fall and Jan-Jun in the spring

Ready for more?  Try our Art Gems classes and explore techniques and mediums in a more in-depth workshop setting. No experience necessary; all supplies included.

Mar 3 PM – The Magic of Ink Resist with Gordon Wilson

Ink Resist Drawing is one of the most fun methods of drawing which uses few materials and leaves the final result somewhat of a surprise during the final stage. The materials are basic; watercolour paper, gouache, a brush, pencil, and India ink.

The general concept is that the artist paints in the negative shapes using gouache (opaque watercolour) then coats the entire working area with a wash of black India ink. Once dry, the piece is held under a tap with water washing away the areas where the ink settled on the gouache areas. The end results are very unique and even the simplest drawing can look outstanding.

About the Instructor: Gordon Wilson enjoys taking seemingly complex art styles and making them accessible and easy to learn.  He has a degree in design and education and has taught in high schools for 15 years, as well as other venues.  Prior to teaching Gordon was a commercial designer and illustrator for 20 years working in television, publishing, and advertising.

Mar 10 AM – Abstract Adventures with Deb Nicol

A brilliant session creating movement, form and design using bold acrylic paint colours and abstract techniques.

All supplies included in this class.

About the Instructor:  Deborah Nicol works primarily in Acrylics. She started her artistic endeavors with pencil portraits, quickly moving into Oil Pastels and Oils and expanding into landscapes and paintings of children. In recent years she has moved into Acrylics and finding her true passion in Abstract venues. 

Mar 10 PM – Pet Portraits with Carla Flegel

You will need to send in a very clear photo of your pet at least 2 weeks PRIOR to your class.  This will be the photo we will prepare, and you will be using to create your painting.  You will create a colorful watercolor background for the portrait.  Then we will put the outlines of your pet and a few acrylic highlights on the glass of the included frame. You will have a great memory of your pet and a fun afternoon!

All supplies included in this class.

About the Instructor:  Carla Flegel has explored oils, acrylics and has recently settled on watercolour as her medium of choice.  She loves the unpredictability as water, paint and paper meet, and how it paints itself if you let it.

Mar 17 AM – Intricate Mandalas with Judi Malcom

With gentle mindful guidance, learn how to create a circle of beautiful patterns that speak to your heart and soul. If you can draw a flower petal or a leaf, you can draw a mandala!

All supplies included in this class.

About the Instructor:  Judi is a late bloomer regarding art but had explored her creative side since she was a child.  She incorporates mindfulness and nature into making mandala’s (Sanskrit for the word circle).

Mar 17 PM – Folk Art Painting with Mary Unger

Folk Art expresses the lives and feelings of ordinary people in communities.  Learn to tell a story in simple pictures and designs using acrylic paint on canvas.

All supplies included in this class.

About the Instructor:  Mary Unger was raised on the east coast of Canada and moved to BC in 1970 after six years in Montreal. She studied fine arts at Mount Allison University and took classes and workshops in Montreal, Calgary and here on Vancouver Island.  “Travel to Mexico, Hawaii, Hong Kong,  South Africa, and Europe has been a feast to the eyes and soul.”

Mar 24 AM/PM – Mosaics with Debra Hagen

This Art Bites class will provide an introduction to the world of contemporary mosaic art. Students will have the opportunity to use a variety of materials to create a small mosaic of their own.

All supplies and tools provided. 

About the Instructor:  Debra has worked in mosaics for the past 20 years. She has completed a Masters in Mosaic class at Orsoni’s in Venice, Italy as well as several other classes with internationally respected mosaic artists.