Unforgettable Journeys, with Sarah BOILEAU

May 4 – 30, 2021



This collection of realistic oil paintings by Sarah Boileau encapsulates some of the most amazing places she has had the privilege of experiencing on her many adventures. Much of the inspiration for this exhibit has come from a series of backcountry hikes that she and her mother did together over the last few years. Her paintings range in subject matter from sweeping mountain vistas to the lush green forests of the west coast. They may differ in shape and vegetation, but they all share the same magic: the power of the wilderness. Come on a journey with her through the rugged backcountry trails of the Rocky Mountains to the forests and coastlines of Vancouver Island.



Born in 1984, Sarah grew up in the small town of Fort St James, BC. As a child she was heavily influenced by her mom’s passion for photography and many family camping trips in the mountains. Very creative from an early age, she was content as long as she was drawing or making something. After high school Sarah moved to Alberta and spent 12 years in the highway construction industry working as a surveyor. While the hours were long during the work season she had winters off to practice her painting skills. Sarah started painting with oils in 2004, largely self-taught she has also learned much over the years from other artists. Her style is realistic and she likes to paint landscapes that have strong sculptural shapes. In 2016 she decided to move back to BC to pursue a career in art. Sarah currently lives and paints full time in Nanaimo, BC and is an active member of the FCA. Her paintings have received many awards and honorable mentions over the years.


Artist Statement:

“I have always been inspired by the natural beauty of our planet, all of it, and all the more because of the differences and contrasts. It fills my heart with joy to behold a mountain shrouded in misty clouds, or the fresh green of new spring leaves. These visions evoke a powerful feeling of awe and gratitude and I open my heart to the landscape, letting it become a part of me. Every painting I created comes from this place. I hope to bring more love and beauty into our lives by creating artwork that embodies the spirit of nature so that we may always be reminded of the way that is supports and nourishes our souls”

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected] cell: 780-910-3151

Follow her on Facebook: Sarah Boileau Artwork & Instagram: sarah.boileau.artwork