Exhibition – Lynne Patrick

UNDERstory: on the edge of the known


June 4 – 30, 2019

Opening Reception Saturday, June 8, 2019  1-3 pm

Artist Statement – Lynne Patrick

Lynne’s art is a joyful response to the endless variation seen in life and nature. Creating art engages her in an intriguing process of reflection, discovery and dialogue. From a stylistic perspective, her work plays along the continuum between representational and abstract: reflecting the human experience. Sometimes there is meaning, at other times, we find metaphor, mystery or even chaos. Beauty or grace can be discovered anywhere.

Colouring, creating, drawing and painting have been loved activities since childhood. In university, her twin passions of visual art and verbal communication led her to enrol in as many art studio electives as her Linguistics degree would allow. In 1991, one of the first of her pieces to be sold at a public show was a collage purchased by the Regina Civic Arts Collection. Over the years, Lynne has been represented by several galleries in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. In 2014, she was juried into Active Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Art holds the potential for inspiring reflection and deep communication. Lynne invites you into this dialogue of discovery.

An invitation to dialogue

As you view the pieces in this show, consider the following:

  • Why does a particular painting ‘speak to you’? What makes you linger in front of a painting?
  • This series of tree paintings is entitled “The Language of Trees”. With whom are the trees communicating and what might they be saying?
  • These paintings are on a continuum between abstract and representational art. This might correspond to the continuum of what is defined or ‘knowable’ versus undefined or ‘unknown’. How do you respond to the abstract elements in the paintings?
  • Consider what/who creates meaning in the ‘conversation’ between artist and viewer?