Ukulele Workshops with Liz DeBarros


Saturday January 21, 2023, 2pm-3:30 PM

shows you how to change the key of a song so it is more comfortable for your voice range; how and when to use a capo and why so many songs seem to have the same chords in them.


Saturday, February 25, 2023,  2-3:30 pm

teaches you basic finger picking skills, how to pick chords and how to pick a tune introducing, you to simple TABS.

Pre-requisite for both workshops – players should be able to strum and change between basic chords

The cost of each workshop is $30 but if you would like to register for both the total cost is $55.

If you would like to purchase a ukulele capo, add on $18.

To register or for more information email here or visit Liz DeBarros’ website.