Can You Feel the Spirits Moving? –  Tales for the Telling

Ghost Stories featuring the very best the Mid-Island StoryTellers have to offer. Join us for a night of tales of the ghosts and spirits, old and new, guaranteed to chill your bones and even tickle your soul.

Tales for the Telling 2018-2019 Season

TALES FOR THE TELLING is delighted to present the following shows as part of the MAC’s 2018-2019 Performances Season:

Tougher than Woodpecker Lips – Elizabeth Ellis – Oct 26, 2018
Can You Feel the Spirits Moving – Mid Island Storytellers – Nov 23, 2018
Come Into My Parlour – Marva K. Blackmore and Lee Porteous – Dec 29, 2018 – 2 pm
Brave & Free, Traditional Tales of Scotland – Calum Lykan – Feb 22, 2019
White Raven and the Goddess – Hugh Cotton – Apr 26, 2019
If the Butler Didn’t Do it, Who  Did? – Marka K. Blackmore and Lee Porteous – May 24, 2019

All performances are at 7 pm except December 29th, which is at 2 pm.

All of these performances are available as part of the Pick 6 Package – choose any 6 performances, concert and/or storytelling for $99 / $90 OCAC Members.

SLICE OF LIFE coming to the MAC in 2018-2019

Produced by the Mid-Island Storytellers Association

Each Slice of Life evening will highlight 6 “real people” with “real life stories.” The tellers have all pitched their story ideas and have been selected to tell stories based on a theme, and all tellers have attended a rehearsal prior to the event. The stories will be no longer than 10 minutes, hence the name, “SLICE OF LIFE”.

Come and enjoy these evenings with stories that will range from drama to comedy, from the mundane to the sublime.

Tickets $10/OCAC Member $8 
(Note: these performances are not part of the Pick 6 Package)

SLICE OF LIFE event dates and themes are as follows:

AN INTERESTING NOTE ABOUT THIS NEW SERIES:  If you want to tell a story at one of the Slice of Life evenings, go to and use the “Pitch A story” tab to contact us and tell us about your story.
  1. The story must be 10 minutes or less
  2. The story must be true
  3. The story must be about you
  4. The story should fit the theme for the evening you are requesting to tell it.
  5. You must tell (not read) your story
  6. No props or sets permitted.
  7. There is a rehearsal before the event.  The rehearsal lasts about two hours and is an opportunity to run through the stories, get feedback, and to meet the other storytellers.

To find out more about Mid-Island Storytellers check out the MIST website.

Other MAC Performances: