Shout out to artists – would you like to bring your art supplies and come create at the MAC in one of our galleries once a week?

We have artists who come to the MAC Tuesdays through Fridays each week as Artists In Residence.  Visitors enjoy seeing artists at work on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and many love to talk about the exhibits, or ask about what they are doing.  It’s a nice way to provide an interactive experience for our visitors.

Artists in Residence commit to attend each week and have an interest in sharing their work with our visitors. Painters, pastel artists, sketchers – any art medium that is portable and workable for about 5 hours will do. Some days there’s more than one Artist in Residence, which enriches the experience even more.!

If you’d like to go on our waiting list or sub list to be an Artist in Residence, please leave a message at the MAC Office by phone (250-248-8185) or email for Margery Blom, coordinator of the Artist in Residence program for an interview.