Fun with Collage: Workshop with Clare Turcott

May 13, 20, 27 & June 3, 2020
10am to 12pm

Register online

or at the MAC Office

Have Fun with Collage workshop explores the possibilities of combining painting & drawing into 3-dimensional effects using rice paper, other paper, wire, canvas, beads and any other found materials with substrates such as illustration board, museum board and cradleboard. It is the freeform arrangements of form and colour with the building of shapes/detail that empowers an artist to bring dynamic expression to their work. This 4-session class of 2 hours each is for beginners and advanced artists alike. Take a break from your usual art and try something different.

Collage frees up new ideas and is endlessly rewarding. This workshop does require you to bring some supplies but also includes available materials. Also bring with you any found objects you might think you would like to include.

Clare Turcott (a member of Tosh 10 at TOSH in Qualicum) is hosting the workshop You can view some of her collages at the Tosh 10 gallery.

Tear up some paper, wrap some wire, paint beautiful colours and combine it with pastel or coloured pencil. Pick up on some new techniques and invent new ones too. It is all about integrating materials to make a beautiful self-contained whole.

Materials each person needs to bring to workshop sessions:

  • Sketch paper, graphite pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener
  • Favourite found objects such as prints, buttons, beads, decorative paper or coloured paper scraps etc.
  • Container for rinsing brushes with water, rags, and plastic gab to hold wet brushes
  • Large/small brushes, old toothbrush, sponge, tray for holding paints
  • Acrylic liquid paint or acrylic ink and coloured pencils (bring your preferred colours)
  • Heavy matt gell and matt medium
  • Glue stick

Instructor WILL Provide:

  • Substrate materials
  • Unryu painted and unpainted papers
  • Other papers for painting and tearing
  • Miscellaneous supplies such as wire and pliers

Workshop Outline

Day 1: Survey of techniques

  • Review of colour combinations
  • Quick sketches for ideas
  • Substrate base preparation and painting

Day 2: Continuation of Day 1

  • Fabrication & assembling of Collage pieces
  • Positioning and glueing first layers

Day 3:  Continuation of Day 2

  • Building collages

Day 4: Continuation of Day 3:

  • Further layering and detailing
  • Review and comment feedback