April 17 – June 2, 2018 Exhibits


Born in Lloydminster, SK, Grant is a proficient painter who infuses colour, pattern, and a sense of celebration into everything he paints and wants his images to evoke feelings of well being and goodness.  Combining found objects, odd photographs and other imagery with a symphony of patterns and designs, Leier collages his images and ideas by both painting and drawing them together into a story-like setting. Monkeys or people or even fruit and flowers are intertwined into a world of both fantasy and reality. He takes his everyday life and creates his playful realms full of beautiful colours and forms both for himself and his viewer.

Nixie Barton was raised on Canada’s West coast, and her paintings vibrate with an enticing energy springing from the juxtaposition of classic line, bold colour, intriguing pattern and a clean and fresh composition.  Nixie Barton and Grant Leier share a studio and home on Vancouver Island, surrounded by an extensive and fabulous garden, which has been described as “funky baroque”. Her work is based partially on the imagery from their garden and is partially interpretive. She describes her work as having “a wonky sense of composition”, with colours and strong patterns.




Paul’s work is known for bringing a sense of peace to the viewer.  As far back as Paul can remember, he was at his most content when he had a crayon, a coloured pencil or brush in his hand.  Now that contentment is brought back to life and emanates through the canvas through the eyes of the viewer.  The Group of Seven, The Impressionists and magazine illustrators provide Paul with inspiration, which hint of a story in a specific landscape.  An open gate, a glimpse of a car, and an open path hints of a person in a scene that the viewer just missed.