Ethos: Air Your Dirty Laundry

Community Youth & Family Programming

Learn and create with Ben every Friday in July

Ages 12 and up!

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 Through weekly meetings, we will discuss plastic use, youth involvement in ocean advocacy and create a community art installation to raise awareness on just how much waste enters the word’s oceans.

 What do we mean by “Air our Dirty  Laundry”?

Plastic is in a lot of our daily household materials.  As a result, such refuse often ends up in the world’s oceans.  Byu airing our dirty laundry (looking at problems and issues often easier ignored), we can look at what healthy oceans mean, what communities can do, the role of seafood, and how art can play a key role in getting the word out!

 What will you do in this program?

Learn about today’s ocean health activities through group discussion, film and art creation.  Together we will work to create a community art installation in Parksville showcasing just how much plastic is in our everyday items.


Friday Learning Topics:

Friday, July 3rd: Art Advocacy and ocean health engagement

Friday, July 10th:  Healthy, Happy and “Ocean Wise” Communities

Friday, July 17th: Our relationship with Seafood

Friday, July 24th: How do we change our habits?