Creative Kids Summer 2023 Classes

Join us for a summer of fun in our Community Art Garden!
We have nine new classes for Creative Kids ages 8-12.  Our instructors Shania Frampton and Alex Carr will be here to lead the way!

Classes run Tuesdays through Thursdays from July 11- 27 and repeat from August 1 – 17.
Choose between am (10-12) and pm (1-3) classes so you can hit the beach before or after your class.

Follow the links for details and registration information on these fun, new class offerings.


About our Instructors:

Shania is a certified teacher who is passionate about children having the ability to express their creativity! Shania was born and raised in the Parksville/ Qualicum area and is excited to help kids create art that represents the beauty of the area.”

Alex Carr is an artist and illustrator living in Parksville BC. She loves exploring different mediums and styles, for example pencil drawing, digital illustration, acrylic painting and more. She likes to have fun with her work and express the beauty of the natural world.

Colour Me Sunset Surprised:  Tue July 11 and Tue Aug 1

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A chance to play with mixing colours and to learn a bit about the theory behind it. We’ll paint a beautiful Sunset scene with what we learn.


Pattern Play:  Wed July 12 and Wed Aug 2

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What a difference a pattern can make!  We’ll start with a line drawing of a simple bird, then we’ll explore adding patterns, and finally add colour to make a complete art piece.


Critters and Creepers:  Thu July 13 and Thu Aug 3

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What’s your favourite critter, mouse, bunny? Or let’s celebrate your favourite insect. This class is about drawing a small animal in a big way and adding some final touches with collage.


Lighthouse Create: Tue July 18 and Tue Aug 8

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Ships Ahoy! We’re going to make our very own lighthouse artwork using pastels. We’ll work on composition and add nautical patterns and themes and learn how to blend oil pastels.


Gulls Away, Day at the Beach:  Wed July 19 and Wed Aug 9

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We are making a textured beach scene using tissue paper, Mod Podge, sand, and paint.  Then we’ll complete the whole scene with a seashell frame; the perfect reminder of a day at the beach.


X Marks the Spot: Thu July 20 and Thu Aug 10

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And McMillan Art Centre is the spot where we are making our own (mini) treasure chest.  Let’s decorate the outside with paper craft, then add a special treasure inside. If there is time, we may even make a treasure map to boot!


Collage Fish Frenzy: Tue July 25 and Tue Aug 15

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Using collage and markers let’s make a colourful fish friend. Add the ocean background, seaweed, shells, and ocean floor to make your fish look at home.


Rock Art Fun: Wed July 26 and Wed Aug 16

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Ever want a pet rock? Well, this is a chance to make your own to take home. We’ll pick out a favourite rock and give it some personality. Or go abstract and paint a mandala. Whatever
you choose to do, it’s going to rock!


Skyscapes in Watercolour: Thu July 27 and Thu Aug 17

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We’re going to be learning some watercolour techniques while making a marvellous Skyscape to take home. It could be a flower field or maybe a mountain landscape – artists choice.