Brian Middleton: Surfacing

JUNE 18 – August 30, 2020

Nemeth Gallery

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Artist Statement

When I went into complete isolation with my husband in the first part of March I thought about my creative skills and my technical resources and then I set to work on what I called a “daily post. 

It was intended to be shared with family, friends and wider contacts on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and to a list of people not participating on social media sites. Through others sharing and forwarding it grew to reach nearly 1200 people by the middle of May!

It was simply my intention to build some hope and give a little encouragement to others. But it was also an opportunity for me to remain focused and wake up with a goal each morning.

As it turned out I created 56 posts consecutively over the next two months. 

I didn’t know it would become a part of an exhibition about how artists have responded to a global pandemic. But I am delighted to be invited and included. 

Thank you, McMillan Arts Centre, once again!