Brian Middleton & Diane McCarten – “Still Evolving”

October 16 – December 1, 2018

Opening Reception – Sunday, October 21 from 1-3 pm 

Brian Middleton – Until five years ago my means and methods in making art were traditional.  For forty years, since 1973, I explored my language of art using brushes, pencils, paper, canvas, printmaking, watercolours, oils, pastels, charcoal, collage.  When I discovered iPads and painting apps in the late 2013, I realized that this was my new dialect and I was as excited by the Possibilities then as I was in 1973 when I drew my first images on 3-ring lined  paper with a felt-tip pen.   Drawing and painting the images in this exhibition would not have been possible ten years ago.  The technology had not yet been created.  Painting digitally is just another step in the evolution of my work as an artist.

Diane McCartenI get my inspiration from feelings I have about being human, about observing other humans and about the life process in general.  In my current work, I generally begin by printing my own papers.  The objects I print with are either found, created or saved from my daily life – string, buttons, grasses, fabrics, linoblocks I’ve carved, etc.

In the studio, I have a collection of textures that I print, just arranging the textures gives me a different looking print.  Sometimes, I’ll create prints for specific areas of a mixed media painting, or print my textures on to tissue paper.   Pieces suggest things and it builds from there.  I like to experiment with different media: collage, printmaking, painting and drawing.

I try to capture feelings I have and think many of us share in hopes that something resonates… it’s a reminder of our shared humanity.  The simple act of being is important to me; I like to explore what that can mean within an individual, a family, a world.