Beachstones and Silver class with Cheryl Jacobs

A one day workshop with instructor Cheryl Jacobs, where each student will create an original beachstone or beachglass pendant and or earrings.

In this class you will work with the instructor to design and create a piece that is unique to you, using diamond burrs to drill through beachstones and beachglass, as well as learning cold joinery techniques such as flush and tube riveting. Each student will learn basic silversmithing

No experience is necessary;  all materials and equipment will be supplied.

Sunday, September 1, 2019   

9:30 am to 4:00 pm 


Register online or at the MAC Office


About Cheryl Jacobs

Adornment is extremely powerful and has been used since early times as a way to express ourselves creatively and spiritually. I’ve always been attracted to jewelry and its deeper purpose as a talisman. Stones are an integral part of my designs, I work with them on a subtle level and their energies dictate the creative process.

I knew early on that I would be travelling an artist’s path in life. A visit to San Francisco to see family was a turning point. Out of curiosity I signed up for a silversmithing class at San Francisco State University, and fell in love with making jewelry.  An incredible opportunity presented itself and I was offered a fulltime apprenticeship with Janet Alix, a well-known jewelry designer.  A trip to Egypt was instrumental as well, walking through the Cairo museum, room after room of incredible gold handmade exquisite jewelry, my path was determined.

Upon completing my apprenticeship, my son was born, I decided to stay at home and make jewelry. My first account was a clothing store in Berkeley. The owner gave me free reign to design a line to complement his clothing.  I also honed my skills by making a high end line of gold jewelry for another customer and my business was started.

In 1993 my family felt ready for a more tranquil environment to live in and raise our son, on a trip to Canada where I was born, we found and fell in love with Denman Island; the forest, beaches, solitude and a quiet community of little more than a thousand people.

Moving to Canada meant leaving all my California contacts behind and starting my jewelry business all over again in an area where I was not known. I worked at the Comox Valley Art Gallery as the manager and was given a self-employment grant to upgrade my skills. I used this year to teach myself the process of lost wax casting. This meant mastering new techniques; it was a challenge but an exciting one.

2019 will be my 32nd year making my living as a jeweller.  My work is in galleries across Canada and into the United States.  I’ve also found a passion for teaching and have been part of North Island Colleges’ Metal Jewelry Design Program for the last seven years. I also teach at MISSA in Sooke and Argentum in Victoria and recreation centres all over Vancouver Island. I now have a beautiful studio in Cumberland and offer private classes as well as casting opportunities for my students. I’ve done juried craft shows all over Vancouver Island, Vancouver,  Calgary and  Montreal which gives me a chance to connect with customers who buy my work.

My inspiration comes from the natural world and its wondrous beauty. Nature is amazing and I want to capture that sense of awe we feel when looking at something exquisite. I feel so privileged to be able to make my way in life doing something I love.