Lori Schiersmann (Tin Cup Art)


Lori lives with her husband in beautiful Deep Bay, on Vancouver Island, B.C.  She custom designs and hand paints on glass using metallic ceramic paste to create beautiful wine glasses, wine carafes, mugs, teapots, pitchers, vases and more. Lori calls her technique “Raku on glass” and it is a three-step process. After cleaning the glass she places base paste to her design then metallic paste, using 2-3 colours on the brush to make sure the base coat is fully covered. It takes an hour for the metallic paste to dry, going from a dull sheen to a shiny gleam. Once the paste is dry, Lori pipes along the outside of her leaf design and creates vines to seal the layers. Finally, the glass is baked so any moisture is evaporated and the paste is permanently fused onto the glass. The end result is a dishwasher-safe piece of useable art.