Blanka Natale (Natale Designs)

Born in 1981 in Kosice Slovakia, Blanka is a multidimensional artist now living in Qualicum Beach. She started drawing and painting at a young age after her family immigrated to Canada in 1986. It wasn’t until about eight years ago, that Blanka dabbled in jewellery making. Taking some classes and mostly self-taught, she began creating for fun.

“My goal is to create one of a kind jewellery, using unusual finds from around the world and natural gemstones. I combine them with


up-cycled pieces that I have found at flea markets and garage sales. I re-use as many findings as possible, from vintage wooden beads to clasps”. Her thought process behind Natale Designs is to bring bold, unique and affordable pieces to her audience and still maintain a sustainable aspect. “I dislike throwing anything out, I’d rather clean it up and re-use it in some form”.