Art Foundations: March 2023 Classes

Mondays 10am-2pm

Cost $100 – all materials supplied

No experience necessary

Register online or at the MAC Office

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About Art Foundations:

These day long workshops are geared for those who want to delve deeper into a particular art technique or medium.  Our  teacher artists have created classes that are engaging and welcoming, whether you’re following up an Art Bites class, or learning a new skill set to add to your art tool box.

Our classes run from Sept-Dec in the fall and Jan-Jun in the spring.   Our full Art Foundations spring schedule is here

Mar 6 – Let’s Go Abstract with Dennis Brown

Learn to create less realistic work, focusing on design, thoughts and strong colour patterns with artist, Dennis Brown. Each participant will take away numerous tips and ideas for painting abstracts as well as having a nearly completed abstract painting by the end of the class.

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About the Instructor: Dennis takes pleasure in the process of painting the things he is passionate about. He wants to encourage others to share their experiences, emotions or memory through their art. He strongly believes it is his role as an artist to evoke awareness in the power of art to influence all mankind. Dennis Brown is a painter well-known for his expressive abstracts in acrylic and colour saturated watercolours.

Mar 13 – Relief Sculpture with Joanne Purdy

In this relaxed but informative class you will learn step by step what materials, tools and unique techniques to use, for working with plaster. So you too can create a beautiful bas relief, not only in class, but at home on your own walls!  This workshop is a more in-depth version of our previous Art Bites Relief Sculpture classes but previous experience is not necessary.

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About the Instructor: Joanne has thirty years of experience painting, sketching and sculpting and her work is in collections throughout the world. Throughout her career Joanne has enjoyed many aspects of art including sculpting, using only the simplicity of light and shadow.

Mar 20 – Acrylic Waves & Water with Terri Bowen

Using acrylic paints, we’ll focus on a variety of ways to paint both calm and turbulent water and the resultant waves.  We’ll look at the many ways water moves and reflects within waves as well as techniques used by various artists to capture reflection and refraction in waves and water.  You’ll try your hand at some mini studies and then complete a larger acrylic painting.  You’re encouraged to bring a simple reference photo as a guide for this larger painting.

All materials included for this class (your own reference photo suggested).

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About the Instructor: Terri Bowen (Bed, MA, Master Graphologist) is a long-time instructor at VIU Elder College and a new instructor at North Island College.  A retired principal of a Learning Through the Arts school in Calgary, she works in many mediums and formats, including mural painting.  Terri has won several awards for her artwork and does commission work.  One of her passions is travelling to see the famous art galleries of the world.

Mar 27 –  Life Drawing with model with Carol Ann Owers

This workshop will cover Figure Drawing as well as Still Life Drawing.  Figure Drawing is the act of drawing a living person concentrating on form in any of its various shapes and postures.

Still Life Drawing uses inanimate objects for subjects, allowing the artist to focus on light and shadow, defining shapes, angles, curved and straight lines.

We will start with still life in the morning and move to drawing with a model in the afternoon.

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About the Instructor:  Carol Ann has two passions; painting and teaching art.

Her career in commercial art led Carol Ann to develop and teach two art postgraduate programs for George Brown College in Toronto.  She has taught groups and private classes in various art centres and was an art instructor on cruises.  Carol Ann enjoys sharing her love of art and teaches Art Bites and Art Foundations classes at the MAC.