Showing November 1 through December 2

Exhibits featuring the work of Elizabeth Symons and James Kelly

November Exhibits


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ABOUT FACE:  Images in Transition – Elizabeth (Betsy) Symons, MA

“The eye, which is said to be the window of the soul is the primary means by which the sensus communis of the brain may most fully and magnificently contemplate the infinite works of nature, and the ear is the second, acquiring nobility through the recounting of things which the eye has seen.” Leonardo de Vinci

Before graduating in 1998 from Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C., Elizabeth Symons was actively involved in the arts community in Vancouver and the lower mainland teaching, coordinating and adjudicating art exhibits and literary readings. After completing her thesis she engaged once again in the creative process of the art and the craft of writing fiction and poetry.  The following is an incomplete list of exhibits, shared gallery space.

Exhibits: Place des Art, Coquitlam,  Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver,  Klee Wyck Gallery in West Vancouver.  Sharli Gallery in North Vancouver,  Michelle Frost Gallery, Gallery1248 in Victoria, Oceanside Arts Council, Parksville, Gallery at Qualicum Art Supply Qualicum Beach, Owner and operator:  The BaffleGab Fine Art Gallery, formerly Studio Reconnaitre. Founding member of Collective Works in Victoria.

Symons says, “I am passionate about colour, texture and the relationship between language and landscape, poetry and the natural world. When nature speaks I celebrate the poem of inner landscapes. In my work, I strive for the ambiguity of unexpected time frames and hidden space.”

Currently, Symons lives in Qualicum Beach and is working on a novel about her forefathers and a poetry manuscript under the working title, About Face. She is a past board member of the Qualicum Beach Museum, a member of The Old School House Art Centre, Echo Players Theatre, The League of Canadian Poets, and the Federation of BC Writers.   Her interests include political and environmental issues, hiking and swimming.

Artist Statement

Art enables us to stretch our imaginations, to transform our everyday lives into its epic journey. This exhibit is about the gateway to illuminating the vulnerable and the controversial; the human figure addressing challenges on identity, diversity and place. It is about conflict, the spoken word and what happens when self comes to mind as we reshape our personal landscape in the abstract. Not to mention the role of the more recent stress of how climate change impacts our lives, this exhibit was also inspired by the welcoming of refugees to Canada. The eye sees time as faceless like fallen leaves crumpled up, we laugh, we cry, forget to die…


James Kelly

“It is my feeling that at the root of all art is a search for meaning.”

My name is James Kelly, primarily from Vancouver and Vancouver Island and currently am living in Bowser, BC

My interest in art is in exploring thought and inspiration in painting. My primary influence has been my reliance on God and the teachings of Baha’u’llah as expressed in the Baha’i Faith of inclusion, unity and oneness. My medium of choice has been acrylic; it dries fast and allows for spontaneous interaction with the surface as the painting work progresses while canvas or hardboard is used for the foundation.

For me, painting is an adventure, a confrontation of sorts. Concepts are discovered rather than predicted. The painting works on me even as I’m working on it. In the end, if we come to an agreement, some parts will be of paint and some part will be of me and my inspiration. In this process, it is hoped that something worthwhile will be learned and be expressed. The painting is the record.

An area of fascination and interest for me is in form. Form; is plastic in nature, endless in variations and opportunity. Without representing an object or person, form is free to express meaning, evoke feeling and engender metaphor which in turn has the capacity to express both inexpressible emotions and matters of the known world, and, to open an access to the world of the spirit. This interests me deeply. There is no end, for from each new form, shape or motif springs yet another; as if by hidden intention they teach and inform me, drawing me forward; evolution in process? One thought generates and becomes many and the viewer becomes a participant.

A second area of interest and grounds for thought and wonder is ‘diversity’ in the work. I see no conflict in this diversity but rather a compliment. Often the diversity presents very differently and with no connection on the surface, it doesn’t undermine unity, only broadens it. It rather generates multiplicity and in so doing offers strength and refreshes. I feel in visual arts; being another form of communication, diversity reflects and introduces community and expresses the broader base of unity and as such oneness; primary values. In those arts removed from names and places, can be found global affirmation and oneness in a communicative language, the same language is being spoken by all. Contemporary art as a global language is a very engaging notion.

All this is to say I’m searching for ways to express diversity and demonstrate that it doesn’t undermine the unity, only broadens it. What informs my art is my Faith, personal relationships, response to other artworks, and the human condition.