Mud, Men and MachinesJoin Celtic storyteller, Mary Gavan, from Vancouver as she offers to tell the unvarnished down and dirty truth from her latest story creations: “Mud, Men, & Machines” is about mirth, mystique and mystery.

Friday, November 24, 2017

7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)
Tickets $18 ($15 for OCAC Members)
Tickets available online or at the MAC office

The mystery: Could a mud pile unearth the realm of England? Why burrow under mud and muck of the Thames? What, why and wherefore will be revealed to those who listen.

The mystique: Mary dated in Iran, returning with stories about machines, from the mundane to the exotic.

And for mirth: the Celtic countries of Scotland and Ireland abound in providing intriguing stories with mental and mechanical twists and wrenches.

Come! Hear the dirty truth of Mud, Men and Machines! Yes, all true stories of the foibles of history.

One of Mary’s previous series attracted the attention of a publisher. Mary’s work as a palliative care in the community led to her CD “Celtic Otherworld,” which won a Storytelling World Award. Now, these and other such stories will appear in a book entitled Why People Die: Stories of How the Dying Explain Their Passing.

This summer, Mary performed at the Storytellers of Canada’s National Conference

Hailing from Scotland, Mary’s lilting voice has frequently enchanted our audiences with stories she crafts. She draws the listeners into her world with stories based on historical truth but crafted with a storyteller’s ear and eye.

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