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Does your child think outside the box? Are you finding them always changing their bedroom around? Building forts with anything they can find? These creative qualities can be celebrated in a new after school program that takes a different approach to learning through art-making, self-directed, and project based techniques.

Swiderski Art + Architecture KIDS empowers youth by introducing children ages 7-16 how to develop the skills to be a mini Architect! This program is directly correlated to B.C.’s new S.T.E.M. curriculum with lessons in how to develop a concept, sketching/drawing, model making, and presentation skills. Students will gain knowledge in scale/proportion, light/shadow, dimensions, materials of their contextual surroundings, and sustainability.

Students will engage individually and collaboratively to create dynamic, functional, and unique projects. Areas to be explored will be:

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • City Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Public Art
  • Industrial Design.

Thursdays, Sept 7 to Nov 23 (4:30-6:00 pm )for ages 13-16 years

Mondays, Sept 11 to Nov 27 (3:30-5:00 pm) for ages 7-12 years

$390 + GST (1.5 hr class x 12 weeks)

McMillan Arts Centre

Registration:  250-586-5598 or email

About the Instructor

Mini Architect After School Program Flyer - Image-5I am an Architectural Designer and Public Artist.  In 2010, I graduated with an Environmental Design degree, specializing in Architecture and in later years completed fabrication courses in the Sculpture and Installation program at OCAD in Toronto, ON. I have won three National Public Art projects that speak to my Indigenous descent and I continue to facilitate workshops that engage with my community. Ideas of repetition and how to create an experience through space are key aspects of each project that I complete. I strive to teach youth about their environment and how to be sustainable in each design decision. Vancouver Island is an inspiring place to be creative and learn from the land.

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