Showing January 16 – February 24, 2018

Exhibits by Susan Hiebert and Rosemarie Baker

Exhibit Opening Reception – everyone welcome!

 Saturday, January 20th from 1-3 pm


Rosemarie Baker

Rosemarie Baker

Born in Germany, before emigrating to South Africa and finally to Canada, Rosi’s strong realist impressionist watercolours draw inspiration from her travels to Greece, Africa, Hawaii and Canada.  Her style takes on different colours and textures and is strongly influenced by the mood invoked by the original subject; she occasionally displaces objects to better reflect the feeling she gets.  Most of her artworks are unnamed, allowing a deeper response from the viewer without the bias of identification.  Rosi often forces the medium, painting fast and intently in her desire to capture the moment.  Her style, usually realistic impressionist, occasionally abstract, has taken on different shades as she experimented with different ideas, but the colours and images are always evocative, eliciting an interaction with the viewer.