Meet IceBear June 29th

If you’d like to see IceBear before his June exhibit closes, mark your calendar. IceBear will be at the MAC from June 29th from 2-4 pm, and if you have canvas, little prints, or the catalogue books you’d like autographed, IceBear will be happy to do that. This will be the last chance this year to talk with the artist in Parksville or to pick up a print or canvas before the show moves on to Chemainus Gallery, and then Sidney in October.

IceBear:  Dreams of a Dreamer

IceBear has been painting and sculpting for over 50 years.  After a successful career as a commercial artist, he began to pursue his drive to create fine art.  His art has evolved from the representational and spiritual (drawing from his North American Heritage) to today’s expression in the abstract.

His large canvasses in acrylic evoke an immediate emotional and intellectual response.  Beyond their artistic elements of form, light, colour, texture, dimension – and movement – they are ever-stimulating with a profound impact to be appreciated over the years.  

The Centrepiece of this exhibition will be Black Elk, a large, sculpted head carved out of the base of a monkey puzzle tree.

This tree was part of the home of a Nanaimo family through two generations. When it came to the end of its life, the current family member living there, Art, could not bear to part with it, so he had it professionally cut down and sectioned, and stored the large pieces safely for years waiting to find just the right use for them. Two years ago, after much thought, he made a decision, took a deep breath and asked his friend IceBear to consider turning the largest piece into a work of art.

Black Elk

Black Elk

After a couple of months of contemplation, including time spent hollowing out the wood to lighten it enough to make it manageable, IceBear had a Vision of a sculpture that fit the wood. The Spirit revealed itself. This has been a special project for IceBear and his friend Art, who faced major surgery soon after work began. As a man who had been very physically active, being told he had to restrict his activities was hard to accept. He had never before been part of the creative process. The artist encouraged him to participate in the effort, teaching and encouraging him starting with the simplest ‘gruntwork’ and moving forward to making decisions about lines. It has been an inspirational period of exploration and accomplishment, both for the owner and for the artist.

Black Elk - April 2017

Black Elk – April 2017

Black Elk is still a work in progress. You would be welcome to view it now and then capture it again when work is complete and it is on display at the MAC, along with IceBear’s collection of original paintings and sculpture – including Dance of Eagles - and some limited edition prints.

Artist Statement:  “For me, to be ever confined to one genre, or family of products, would be impossibly stifling.  The creation of art is a lifelong adventure, to be explored and savoured.   Each vision has a life and presence of its own, and demands its own way of being presented to the world.”

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