Emerson-Gof7-3The MAC celebrates two exhibits during the month of April; Norma Emerson and her students present “Celebrating with the Group of Seven”, and Jo & John Sedgwick-Hall present “Aspects of Life”.

Opening Exhibit Reception

SATURDAY, APRIL 8th, 2017 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Everyone is welcome to attend

Group of 7 - Varley.jpgCelebrating with the Group of Seven: Norma Emerson and her Students

Have you ever looked at a master’s work and tried to paint it? I guarantee that if you render yours closely to the original you will really start to SEE what the artist was grappling with, and why he achieved what he did.

Group of 7 - Franklin Carmichael, Mirror Lake 1929In this show, CELEBRATING WITH THE GROUP OF SEVEN we have honoured and paid homage to some of Canada’s most passionate and committed artists. When you paint, do you attempt to find what LeMoine Fitzgerald advocated, “Every picture is a living thing.”

Emerson-Gof7-4This group strove to give Canadians an identity through their art. By painting the spirit of the country, the Group of 7 were able to reach the hearts of everyday Canadians, gallery buyers and interested collectors worldwide. Canada’s 150th anniversary is a great time to celebrate, seeing our country through the eyes of artists who rejected comfort to be able to show us the beauty and character of our land. “Get off the car tracks,” urged A. Y. Jackson if you want your art to show the true nature of our country.

Sedgwick-Hall-1Aspects of Life featuring the work of Jo & John Sedgwick-Hall

Jo & John started painting while living in the UK and since relocating to Canada have taken the opportunity to develop their art.  Although largely self-taught, latterly they have worked with Sedgwick-Hall-2Leigh Buchanan at the Old School House in Qualicum.  This has given them a most enjoyable opportunity to develop their different personal styles. Their work reflects all aspects of life.  Their interests are reflected in painting the beauty of the natural world with an emphasis on dramatic sunset/sunrise land and seascapes.  Other interests are reflected in painting the flora and fauna of their garden and the west coast in general.